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I was going through a difficult period of my life dealing with the dissolution of a lifelong friendship. Ending that friendship felt like a divorce and left me feeling confused and depressed. Dee delicately yet directly helped me navigate the truth behind my emotions. Dee aided me in realizing ways that some of my actions may have contributed to the outcome of the dissolved relationship  and take some accountability. Thanks for giving me permission to shine again after the rain!

Linda C.

Dee is a GODsend! I can’t thank her enough for her support and expertise. I was recently feeling overwhelmed in my household. I was challenged with effectively  communicating this to my husband. After speaking with Dee I felt hopeful and encouraged about the assignment she asked me to work on with him and to my surprise it went extremely well.  He understood how I felt overwhelmed and is now communicating and helping me more.  Thank you, Dee!

Charla J.

"God saw fit to place Dee in my life at a time I was a hot head, losing friends and pretty much doing everything to spiral out of control and create self loathing behavior. THE biggest lesson she taught me was to listen and evaluate. When someone presents something unreasonable to me, recite it back to them so they can clearly see that they’re being unreasonable. This method has changed my life and communication skills! Witnessing her prevail through hardships and willingness to help people discover true happiness in life has been eye opening and inspiring. I aspire to pass on at least half of the wisdom she has instilled in me!


"I struggled daily with depression and anxiety. Most days I was forced to decide if this day will be my last or can I push through one more time? My sessions with Dee have proven to be the best gift I could give to myself. She has a God given gift of discernment,  wisdom, and the ability to tell me the unfiltered but sincere truth. I am now more aware of my value, I do believe that I am built to handle the tough stuff, I awake now with purpose and a strong desire to stay in the race and thrive because it is why God blesses me to see each day. She sees in me what I refused to see in myself. I am grateful to her. I am motivated and ready to Thrive with Purpose!

Desilyn W.

"I was having challenges communicating with my best friend of many years that I felt like she was intentionally being unkind.  I was hurt and wanted to reciprocate the treatment to give my best friend a taste of her own medicine, but I didn’t want to damage the friendship even more since it seemed we were in a delicate place.  Dee encouraged me to communicate to my friend how I was feeling and coached me on how to have a tense conversation respectfully.  In her words “Communication doesn’t have to mean confrontation.”  I communicated to my friend how I was feeling, and though she did not take accountability, I felt better knowing I had communicated openly and sincerely instead of holding it in.  Thank you Dee!

Tennille B.


I met Dee on social media several years ago and she began to share on SM personal tidbits of her life that I felt were relative to my life so I began to follow her. Shortly after the pandemic she started a thread in which she’d state what she was thankful for and would ask her audience to share. Her doing this Blessed my life. Some days I would answer with a heavy heart and other days I answered lighthearted. I now regularly reflect on the things I’m grateful/thankful for no matter how small. Her transparency has helped me to own some things about myself that I love but fear others would shame (and they do), but listening to Dee and taking her advice has helped me own the hatred and put it where it goes (the trash). Her vulnerability has helped me grow so much in my journey of depression. I believe she is a major component in my healing journey.

Ela'n P.